About Me

I was born in Prague in the Czech Republic. From there my family moved to Austria before immigrating to Canada. My parents left the Czech Republic because of the Communism at the time only to have it fall shortly after. No one could have predicted. In Canada a new life began.

Canada was raw and inspiring, full of endless possibilities. English at this time was my third language as I had learned a basic amount of German in my brief period living in Austria. I grew up in Coquitlam, BC until we moved to Vernon, BC in 7th grade. There I really got to experience an unbound freedom. Freedom compared to the kid life in the city. I was able to stick a thumb out and get rides to the ski hill only 15min up the hill from my house!

The hill I lived on would soon enough become useful for more than getting to my house and the ski hill. I went through school not really picking up too many hobbys. Of course I snowboarded like a mad man, went swimming every Summer, mountain biked, went hiking and took advantage of the beautiful Okanagan Valley. I also drew a lot and enjoyed comics. I never thought of skateboarding as something I would end up doing.

Skateboarding to me was always confined to short boards and trick skating. It was everything that never really hooked on with snowboarding (pipe, jumps, rails etc.). I loved speed and fast big mountain riding. I tried to bomb some runs super fast and caught edge a few times. That’s where I got frustrated with speed runs and took to simply bombing and carving my local ski hill with a vengeance, and proudly displaying my shit eating grin after a long day of thrashing powder and tearing up groomed runs.

Then came the day at university in Vancouver when I saw my first longboarding video and saw what these guys where doing in Kimberly, BC. Bombing and thrashing slopes… just really dry ones that happened to be paved and used for cars! Not only that but even these insane golf cart paths! I was in awe. Absolutely dumbfounded and picking up my jaw off the ground! You can do that with a skateboard? (Don’t get me wrong; two trucks connected by a board and lean to steer is the original definition of a skateboard.)

I had to have one. I bought my first board and began learning to ride a skateboard. The hills grew rapidly, my hunger for speed more primal and the only thing lacking was better safety equipment to stop me using the excuse to my parents, “Skin heals for free, it’s not a problem. Don’t worry about it!” I got convinced to enter my first race and suddenly I switched gears and things took off.

Attack of Danger Bay 3 was my first race and finishing in the quarter finals had be beyond satisfied. This sparked the blazing firestorm of adrenaline addiction that has turned into my life. I had found my calling and I had it by the horns! That “hill” that I lived on transformed into a what could almost be called a 24hr playground. The price, free. Open, when traffic is flowing.

The following year, the stage was set for my second race, ever. A whole spring of endless riding behind me, with only one thing on my mind: race hard, race fast and show them what you got! I raced diligently and cautiously into the quarter-finals and advanced into semi-finals. I was already further than I was last year. I made it into the finals edging out the friend who convinced me to enter my first race.

In the finals I crossed the finish line first and captured my first taste of victory! I was hooked line and sinker. My deep connection to the sport was now only validated with a successful victory and more importantly the affirmation of hard work in equals positive results out!

To date I have attended over 80 races, travelling to Germany, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Brazil, Peru, Australia, South Africa, England and the United States. My involvement in the sport has even taken me as far of the beaten path of life as Dubai in the United Emirates to skate Jebel Hafeet in 2008. The experience of getting to see the variety of cultures, which make up this wonderful planet and the landscapes that shape them, is nothing short of living a dream! Seems that when you’re hungry for something, in the process of attaining your goals, you transform dreams into reality and the emotional experience attached is pure nirvana!