Danger Bay X – The Big Reunion

Danger Bay X – The Big Reunion

The clock kept ticking and finally the day came that Danger Bay the “race” birth child of Bricin Lyons turned 10 years old! I could not miss out on this event this year marking my 8th year of having attended the event. It was back at Danger Bay 4 that I won the event myself and sparked my racing career addiction!

The race saw many veterans make the trip back in time to the origins of Canadian racing history. Shenanigans ran wild at the campsite but in some weird sense they seemed too tamed at first. The Mob was sure to make it’s rounds by the end of the weekend. This year the weather prevailed for a dry race and I was super happy. The Slide Competition, May Day Parade, Longboard Hockey and Striker’s Rash for Cash all took place on Saturday. The partying… took place the whole weekend!

For many that know me, I am not the crazy party guy… well Danger Bay 4 might tell a different story but who wouldn’t when you win your first major race?! Sunday morning rolled in with tame weather, not wet, and relatively dependable. We mustered in 3 practice runs in the early morning, more than we’ve had in the past! Racing started off solid with a minor change to the one-push six-man heat in the first round to unlimited pushes. I maintained an advance up through the heats putting me into the semi-finals.

In semi-finals my power started to drop with an accident setting the schedule off and my heat sitting on the line waiting for the ambulance to return. Those early practice runs in the morning were not looking worth it anymore. Little fact: the practice runs are not shuttled and therefore one must walk them. Call me a sissy but it was my first race of the season and I was still not up to snuff. The energy deficit didn’t help my start and once resumed I slipped into 3rd place with no room to make a pass when I was gaining on the lead pair. This set me into the consolation final.

The consolation final was was little to write home about with more difficulty trying to make moves up front from the back of the pack and setting me into a less than desirable 8th. In all reality it wasn’t bad for a first race and making the bonus round is always nice having raced to the absolute end of the day. Dinner was had and we returned to the Awards Ceremony for prize giving. Shortly after that we all went to the campsite and celebrated!

In the morning I had to leave with an alternate transport to get back home to Vernon to carry out the rest preparations for the 7th Annual Vernon DH!