New Sponsor: Xtreme Board Shop

New Sponsor: Xtreme Board Shop

Xtreme Board Shop in Glendora, California has recently transferred hands to a gentleman that couldn’t be better suited for the role. William Myrvold, now owner at Xtreme Board Shop, has generously “stepped on board” to support my 2011 season! I couldn’t be more happy to find such a perfect match.

The shop is situated in the shadows of one of the finest made roads in the world! With the travelling lifestyle this sport provides it’s hard to call one place home, but Glendora is one of them and it feels good to help the local scene grow. William is striving to bring all the necessary equipment to the shop so that riders new to the sport can select from some of the best and at prices more gentle with your pocket.

With such a historic landmark such as Glendora Mountain Road in it’s backyard, Xtreme Board Shop will provide locals with a base camp full of gear, knowledge and kind service to help you tackle the biggest of Goliath’s. WIlliam is one of the most enthusiastic shop owner’s I have met and has definitely been doing his homework to help customers out with whatever problems they may have with their equipment and/or setups.

So the next time you are in the area and need to gear up or just wanna check it out, stop by at the shop! Also Xtreme Board Shop is the place to check out all the new GMR and Ronin gear so stop in and take one of the demo boards and trucks for a spin!

Xtreme Board Shop
153 W. Route 66
Glendora, CA 91741
1 (626) 914-9876