Recon Instruments for 2011

Recon Instruments for 2011

I would like to proudly announce a brand new partnership for 2011 with RECON INSTRUMENTS! This company has so much potential in my eyes that I would have been a fool to let something like this slip on by in the background. Make sure you visit the site and find out how you can get a pair of the first goggles that use their technology and find out more info! Makes me feel more and more like a human F1 car…

Here is a bit of the insight that lead me to this amazing partnership:
One morning in October while checking my Facebook I noticed an ad running in the right column that caught me off guard! I hesitated to click on it at first (because I personally dislike the typical ads featured there) but the longer I thought about what this ad represented for me, I just had to find out.

Recon Instruments, a Canadian company, based in Vancouver, BC launched a GPS technology that is linked to a micro LCD display. Similar to a HUD (heads up display) the Transcend goggles produced by Zeal Optics are installed with a small display in the bottom right of your peripheral vision. This display gives you real-time data like, current speed, temperature, distance travelled and even elevation changes. Data is stored in the goggles and the user can upload their activity to their computer (Mac/PC) and analyze their data. The data can then even be shared on an online community.

These goggles can only be the start of something far bigger in the future of sports that could greatly benefit from real-time data analysis. This is the way I trained when I was first introduced to Downhill Skateboarding. I rode with a GPS non-stop, comparing my data to find differences in my performance. I would use the GPS real-time as well, constantly looking down at my foot (where the GPS was mounted) to see my speeds entering and exiting turns. As well I used the GPS to track top speeds and fine tune my tuck.

Instead of looking at my foot and having to re-focus my vision and change my tuck, I will now be able to ride more safely and see my data more effectively. I have great feelings about the potential that lies within such a technology and the ever increasing drive to feed athletes more data in ways never before possible! Thank you to Darcy, Oliver and the whole Recon Instruments team!

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